The Diverse Menus of Stella Blu

Posted by sps on May 16, 2018

restaurant in NashuaThe success of a restaurant relies heavily on its menu. There are two popular ways to approach what you offer customers: find a niche and perfect it, or offer plenty of options done very well. However a restaurant goes about it, there should be quality items for customers at the end of the day. Luckily for our customers, Stella Blu has diverse choices that are bound to satisfy just about anyone – and they taste great. The following are some menu we proudly offer that show the diversity of our restaurant and cements us as a unique restaurant in Nashua, NH.




  • Main Street USA

Our Main Street USA menu offers classic, hearty American dishes to munch on. Staples like hamburger sliders, French fries, scallops, and more are all at the ready. If you are looking for a more familiar taste without any frills, this list of selections is for you!



  • The City Gate

For a more upscale, flavorful experience, you can count on the options on The City Gate menu. Whether it is a flavorful spread, like spinach artichoke dip, or roasted red pepper hummus or chicken lemongrass dumplings, you will find something a little more unique on this list to satisfy you.



  • Latin Quarter

For an elegant take on some Latin dishes, take a peek at the Latin Quarter menu. There are steak tacos, albondigas (Spanish meatballs), and other unique Latin dishes available for consumption. It is a good mix of some well-known dishes with unique twists.



  • Little and Big Italy

Who doesn’t love a quality, hearty Italian dish? We at Stella Blu understand the appeal of Italian meals, and have plenty to offer for customers. Calamari, flatbreads, ravioli, shrimp scampi, and tortellini are all available – get ready for a feast!



  • Farmers Market

Sometimes, we prefer to munch on a healthier option when we go out to eat. Stella Blu has you covered with our Farmers Market menu. The spotlight here is on vegetables and other health-conscious options. From a grilled Caesar salad to an array of grilled veggies, you are bound to find a delicious, nutritious option.



  • Corner Bakery

When it comes time for dessert, take a look at our Corner Bakery options and get ready to indulge. Molten chocolate cake, gelato, and donuts are just a few of the drool-worthy dessert options we can offer you. It’s ok to indulge once in a while, and we cannot think of a better place to start than this menu!




Stella Blu is a restaurant in Nashua that has plenty of options for customers to enjoy. If you are looking for a nice dining experience out, you can count on us to offer enough options to satisfy even the most picky eaters. So, what are you waiting for? For more information, give us a call at (603)-578-5557!