NH Catering with Stella Blu

Posted by sps on November 23, 2018

Here at Stella Blu, we pride ourselves on providing unique dishes, made fresh using the best ingredients we can find. With the holidays just around the corner, bring these high-quality dishes to those you love with our NH catering services. Whether it’s a wedding, office holiday party, or bar mitzvah, Stella Blu has the food for you.


We separate ourselves from other restaurants in downtown Nashua with our unique and ever-changing menu. Inspired by Spanish tapas, we serve small plates of food from around the world. Try a little bit of everything! From chicken sliders to Italian meatballs or Chinese potstickers, there’s a little something for everyone. Tapas are perfect for a large gathering because the variety means there is something everyone will like, and the small servings ensure nothing goes to waste!


Other restaurants that offer NH catering often just bring large platters of frozen food, but not here. Like our in-dining experience, our catering menu is full of handmade food handcrafted by our expert chefs. We use the freshest ingredients available to make sure each plate tastes the best it can. Additionally, our menu is always changing, so you can try something new every time.


Stella Blu loves being part of the local community. By choosing us for your office party or celebration, you cement our roots here in Nashua, NH. We believe living locally is the key to success. When you buy from a local restaurant or shop, that money goes back into the local economy instead of to a big, faceless organization.


In addition to homemade dishes and unique menu items, our NH catering also offers a unique selection of wine, beer, and cocktails. We partner with In the Mix to really take your event to the next level. Visit our page here to learn more about our offerings or to submit a request.