Give the Gift of Stella Blu

Posted by sps on December 26, 2018

Are you one of those people who save all their shopping for the last minute? Or have you known for months what everyone was getting for the holidays? Regardless, giving a gift card to Stella Blu is sure to land you on the nice list for the coming years. With an ever-changing menu and live music on the regular, no two experiences at our NH restaurant will be the same – except for delicious and unique food and drink, of course.

Foodies Rejoice

It’s hard to give the gift of food. You can’t exactly wrap up a cheesecake or steak dinner. Sure, you could give a cookbook or some sort of cooking utensil. But for some foodies, going out to restaurants is part of the experience, so a gift card is ideal! Our menu is always changing, so there’s always something new to try.

Gift Experiences

In a day where materialism is taking over, some people are choosing to gift experiences rather than material items. Giving a Stella Blu gift card can help create memories the recipient will remember that will outlast any silly material gift you could’ve given. Even better, you can hint to take you as their date! Then everyone’s a winner!


It’s often argued that gift cards can seem a bit impersonal. But that’s not true! Gift cards allow the recipient to get exactly what they want. This also ensures the gift is still a surprise. Sure, you could ask someone and then get whatever they ask for, but where’s the mystery? With a Stella Blue gift card, you can give someone the gift of delicious food and an unforgettable evening.

The window to buy thoughtful gifts is closing, how much shopping do you still have to do? Whether you’re looking for something unique for a family member or your favorite foodie, a gift card to our NH restaurant is just the thing for you! Visit our page here to learn more.