Cooking with Wine: The Essence of Fine Dining

Posted by sps on July 18, 2018

When it comes to cooking, there is a favorite ingredient that many home cooks do not consider on a regular basis: wine. Wine is a great enhancer of any dish. When paired with food that you already have, it adds flavor and a little bit of spice. Many cooks make a regular habit of cooking with wines such as sherry. If you have any unopened bottles lying around, you can turn any homecooked meal into something you’d find in fine dining. Many individuals who do not cook with wine tend to worry about the alcohol content and other issues. However, the reasons to cook with wine outweigh the concerns about cooking with wine.


Sautéing Veggies in Oil and Wine Instead of Butter

You can occasionally cut calories by switching out butter for an oil/wine combination. This will add more moisture into your vegetables and ensure that they do not dry out during the cooking process. The wine also adds an extra flavor boost to the veggies so that you have a little something extra and new in the kitchen.


Add Favor to Marinades

Marinades make just about anything taste good, and wine is another way to add flavor to your dishes.  Many times, marinades contain vinegar and other acidic liquids. When using  wine, you enhance the acidity while adding in other flavors. The other flavors will vary depending on whether you use white or red wine. 


It Can Help Tenderize 

When you soak meat in something acidic, it starts to break down the outside. Since wine has acidic properties, it can help tenderize the outside of any meat.When done properly, tenderizing helps soften the meat. Using a wine based marinade can help turn your backyard barbecue into a fine dining experience.


Dry or Sweet

No matter what dish you need to prepare, you can find a wine that will fit the flavor profile. Consider the meat that you’re cooking to help decide whether you should use dry, sweet, red, or white wine. You likely won’t use the same wine for steak as you would for turkey, so choose carefully. Wine is a great enhancer for any dish, and it is important that you know how much you will need because not all of the alcohol will wear off in the cooking process.


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